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The geographical place of Venezuela corresponds to the North Hemisphere, and his south limit is very near to the line of the terrestrial Ecuador. His continental territory is composed by a compact terrestrial mass that spreads equitably of this one on west and from north on south; his insular territory comprises a set of archipelagoes, islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea. His geography grants to him a big diversity of natural, principally energy and mineral resources, as well as of species and ecosystems. The Venezuelan territory includes three big geographical units that happen of west to this one: the Andean and coastal north mountain ranges to the north and Occident, the Venezuelan Plains that constitute a few extensive sedimentary flatness that are part almost in its entirety of the Cuenca of the Orinoco to the north of this river, and the massifs and plateaus of very ancient formation in the Venezuelan Guyana to the south of the river Orinoco. His configuration took place in the process of formation of the South American subcontinent, when continent only one was agreeing with Africa, up to his separation in the Paleozoico. Very few countries in the world, except very extensive some, have the same variety of the forms of the relief in his territory, which is a very positive fact as for the natural resources. Viajes Venezuela Voyage Venezuela